With a lot of Digital Marketing Training Institute In Pune coming up to train the students of the city but a lot of people forget to understand the power of digital marketing tools for the year. As the field has improved over the year, it is fair to use the most popular tools that will help our business grow through digital marketing. If proper tools are not used and you are wondering why even after doing everything you can’t boost the business, is it not as successful as you thought it to be. Well, to be a success a person should be consistent while knowing about all the latest tools that can maximize your business gain on all perspectives.

We have found out some of the best tools that many Digital Marketing Courses In Pune fail to cater. Read on to find out more about them.


Google Trends

This tool, Google Trends, use real-time search data to help you better know about the consumer search behaviors from time to time. It basically shows how often a specific search term is entered which is relative to the total search volume across different regions of the world, in different languages. The popularity of the search term is broken down by regions, countries, languages and cities in the Google Trends graph.

Google Keyword Planner

This tool is a product of Google AdWords and is used to retrieve data around the search queries that are entered into Google. This tool helps digital marketers to build new campaigns of Search Network or expand the campaigns that are already existing. It will help you get ad group and keyword ideas, competitions, bidding, keywords trend, historical statistics, etc. This service if offered by Google for free.

Google AdWords

An online advertising service, Google AdWords is developed by Google where you have to pay, as an advertiser, if you want to display short advertising copies to the web users. The system for Google AdWords is partially based on keywords that are determined by advertisers and partially on cookies. Google uses the above characteristics to place your advertising copy on pages that are seemed to be relevant, as per your business and target audience.

Google Analytics

A web analytics service, Google Analytics is offered by Google and is responsible for keeping track and report of the website traffic. Launched in November 2005, Google Analytics has become the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Google Analytics is offered in two additional versions, Google Analytics for Mobile app that gathers usage data from Android and iOS apps and Google Analytics 360 that is targeted at business users.

Facebook Ads

With Facebook Ads, you can choose the type of people or group that you want to reach and it will deliver your ads to them through their news feed. This will make your ads more and more relevant for the people who view them and bring real results to you, as an advertiser. You get to use a variety of information along with your flexibility and target audience through Facebook Ads tool.

Use these tools to get great results and push your business to the seat you want it to be seated in.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools That Will be Useful in 2017
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