Hello friends, today we are going to discuss importance of search engine optimization. But, first things first

importance of seo

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is process of using tactics and building strategies which will helps to increase relevant traffic to a website through organic result page to improve ranking of a website in search engine result page.

Search Engine Optimization is most important term for promoting a website or a business online as it helps us to drive traffic to a website for free.

Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is most important term in today’s world. 5 billions of searches done every day in search of answers, products and for many other reasons. A good optimized website will not only gain ranking in search engine result page but also it helps businesses to grow more.

SEO is most essential factor because,

1) Low cost But Effective Marketing Strategy

Building a SEO strategy is Low Cost promotion technique. Because promoting a brand by traditional way such as paper advertisement, banner advertisement, TV adds, etc is much more expensive than SEO.

Also, traditional advertisement is waste of money in such cases like promoting hair oil to a baldy person that is promoting a product to a customer who is not in need.

But in case of SEO customers will come to find you on search engine when they have need.

2) Helps to Build Trust and Brand

A good optimized website with quality content will rank top on search result pages. User’s trusts search engine.

Because of this not only trust of a website will increase but also motivate users to promote a site by doing mouth to mouth publicity, sharing links through emails, social media, etc.

At last it will results in a well known Brand.

3) 24 Hours a Day Promotion

SEO is an internet marketing strategy. Internet doesn’t have office timing like 9 to 5; it stays open 24 hours a day.

Hence SEO helps to promote our website/business 24 hours a day.

4) Helps to Improve Navigation of a Website

The purpose of building a SEO strategy not only promotion of a website / business but also to improve users experience and usability of a website.

It will help users to navigate easily through a website.

5) Get Ahead of Competition

When search engine finds two websites with same product, the optimized website will get preference in search results.

It will also help to make more sales.

6) Increase Ranking – Increase Business

It’s not arguable topic that a good optimized site will rank higher in search results page.

Most of users like to click on a website which is in top 5 search results.

Increased traffic will increase sale.

7) SEO is inevitable

In today’s digital world SEO is inevitable, as increased number of peoples connecting to the internet. Increased number of internet users is creating more opportunities to promote a website or an online business.

As traditional marketing is getting closer to end day by day we must go online with a great SEO strategy.

Why SEO is Important?
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