While doing SEO, every Digital Marketer wants to rank on top of Google ranking. But (Yeah, But!),”How to rank my website on top?” is a question of millions. Everyone wants to know the most effective or top Google raking factors.

Do you know? There are lots of ranking factors. But the catch is, not all ranking factors are important. Today we are going to find the most effective or top Google ranking factors that will definitely increase your websites ranking in Google. So let gear up for the ride!

Google Ranking Factors

Google’s Mobile First Policy

On November 4, 2016; Google officially announced that a website mobile compatibility with mobile will directly affect its ranking. This is also known as mobile first indexing.

What does this mean?

Google will now crawl your mobile version of your website first then it will crawl desktop version. Why Google do this? Because over half of Google’s search queries are coming from mobile devices.

So, its time to optimize your website for mobile devices even more. Not to create a mobile-friendly website.

How to detect mobile responsiveness of a website?

Simple, Go to Google Search Console > Search traffic > Mobile usability. Here you will find your websites mobile responsiveness. If you detect any problem, then you will also get a detailed report about it here.

As the number of mobile searches continuously increasing, the mobile factor will rule Google ranking factors world.

Social Media Activeness

Does social media affect SEO? Hell yeah!  How is this possible? Let me tell you a fact,

Nowadays, peoples are also using social media search engines for searching. And, Facebook has more than 1 billion+ users alone. If we apply social media strategy properly our content can get more visibility. How can we neglect that?

Points to keep in mind

All social media sites have a high Domain Authority. So, we can use social media to build high-quality backlinks.

Add social media share buttons to your page. More share, more visibility, more traffic, more ranking. Also, social media can help us a lot, in building a brand.

Outbound links

Shocked? I was also shocked when I discover this. Giving outbound links means passing your link juice to another website. How can this help to improve your ranking? Because outbound links give Google a clear idea of what is your website is about.

So, while creating outbound links keep in mind that we have to give an outbound link to a website which is relevant.

Benefits of outbound links

If we give outbound links to the quality website it can provide value to the user. Which means it will increase the trust of your website. If you link to low quality or spammy site it will negatively impact your SEO ranking.

If you link to another website, they will be more likely to do the same for you. A favor for a favor! And of course, outbound links to a relevant site can improve your relevance for Google.

Thinks to consider while linking out

Link to relevant and high-quality sites that can provide value to the user. Avoid having too much outbound links. Broken links if it is internal or external shows sign of poorly maintained site, so double check outbound sites link.

Site loading speed

Google officially states that websites loading speed directly affect your SEO. When Google crawler finds that your website is taking too much time for loading then it will affect your SEO ranking.

It also affects user experience. Website with more loading speed likely to get a high bouncing rate. Search Engines prefers pages with minimum loading speed for the top position. Why? If their top search results always keep on lagging; why they will keep coming back?

What is the ideal time we target?

5 second is ideal timing but we should target 2-second timing for getting better poisoning on SERP.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is one of the ranking factors that favors old players lot. How? Here are some facts

Domain seniority

Age of domain is also considered for Google ranking. It means new domains have to fight hard for getting a higher ranking. Also, an old website backlink to your website also matters most. It increases the trust factor of your website.

Keywords in Domain and Subdomain

Keywords in your domain and subdomain still play a major role in Google ranking. A keyword in your domain that relevant to your niche help to increase the credibility of your website.

Create content of your website with high quality and with a healthy amount. That will sure help you a lot in increasing domain trust and authority.

Domain History

Google keeps all record of your domain. If your website was penalized in past then it can also affect your current Google ranking. So, try to stay clean for better future


Content may be king, but keyword plays a role of kingmaker in all Google SEO ranking factors. The keyword is the thing which helps a lot in attracting traffic to a website. Its just matter of placement and relevancy. Following are the right way to place keywords.

Where to use Keywords

Use Keyword as the first word in title and description of the page it will boost your SEO more than you think. Also, use the keyword in an h1 tag, because it works as the second title for your page.

While making text content, use keywords in the content. But, not more than 3% of your content. Also, keyword in Alt tags, which is an alternative for the image.


One of the all-time champion among all Google ranking factors. But(Yeah, again but) Google demands quality! If you have tons of backlinks but are from low-quality pages; it’s not good for your websites SEO health.

What should I do while creating Backlinks?

Create backlinks from webpages with minimum 40+ Page and Domain Authority. But remember your high-quality backlinks must be from relevant and diverse pages. Why diverse pages? Because of the Google Algorithms!

Refer Penguin Algorithm 4.0’s terms, which affected Google rankings a lot. Its Google’s final answer for checking backlinks. Also, keep in mind that penguin also checks which Anchor Text is used for backlinking. Is it relevant or not.

Remember Backlinking is one of the major factors among other SEO ranking factors and number of backlinks to a website still affect its ranking on Google, but low-quality backlinks are the thing that we cannot afford!

Quality Content

No doubt content is the Crowned King amongst all Google SEO ranking factors. Why is content so important in SEO? Because, an SEO optimized quality content not only helps to maintain customer base but also help to bring new customers to your website.


Google mention that content length is as important as content quality. The average length of Google’s top 3 ranking results is 2400+ characters. But, content length depends on the topic of the query.

How to find out ideal length for our topic? Put query on Google and refer length of top ranking results. Don’t put unnecessary stuff to increase the length of content. Not good!

Create quality content. What is quality content?

Create content with full of relevant information and easily understandable. Our content must have visual content to engage the users and can complement text content. Arrange content in short paragraphs.

Use of Keywords in Content

Keywords in the content are still one of the important factors for ranking. But, nowadays natural written content is getting preferred in ranking. So, focusing on creating high quality, user-focused content can be helpful in the long run.

Super tips for content

Google evaluates content according to its quality, relevance, and value it provides to the user. Quality is what user demands. Avoid keyword focused content.

Refer Rank brain, Panda and Hummingbird Algorithms guide which take care of contents quality and relevancy for Google ranking.

Other factors

H1 tag

As mentioned previously h1 tag is considered as the second title of the webpage. So create only one and while creating it use the keyword in it.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

A website with a high click-through rate gets higher Google rankings. To improve our CTR we have to create an appealing title and meta description for the user.


Google confirms that it will prefer HTTPS pages for ranking. Safety first! Thanks to Wanna cry ransomware!

Internal Linking

Internal linking increases visitor average time of visit. It means it helps to decrease the bounce rate and improve the user experience.


A sitemap is a guide of your website. It helps users and search engines to navigate through a website for their desired query.

Schema code

Schema embedded pages are likely to get a higher Google ranking. It helps to attract a user to a website.

Top 9 Google Ranking Factors
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