Facebook has been one of the most dynamic platforms with numerous updates coming its way to improving the quality, user data, as well as the user experience. It has been one of the favorite platforms of every marketer to advertise in for the quality audience through interest targeting, accurate demographics, page likes and many more! For Marketers, it’s highly important to know about the Latest Facebook Updates as the algorithm changes

Here’s a look at few of the Latest Facebook Updates you should not miss:

New Extension (Most Latest Facebook Update)



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‘Info & Ads’ on a Page’s Profile: Facebook is urged to put a sound transparency for the user and is leaving no stones unturned to protect the customers’ data. One such is the introduction of the new extension on a Page’s profile-“Info and Ads”. In this, the viewer can see the current ads that are run by the particular page.

This update is beneficial for marketers when it comes to checking its competitors. Now marketers will be able to keep an eye on competitors’ ads- the creative used, the no. of active running ads, the variation of ad sets used, and ads currently running in a particular location. In addition, the information about when the page was created and the changes to the Page’s name.

Directly sharing Posts on Instagram


Users have seen numerous updates that are put up equally on both the platforms after Zuckerberg’s acquisition of Instagram back in April 2012. One of the recent updates introduced is directly being able to share posts on Instagram through Facebook Feed. This update is only limited to photo sharing as of now, however, it is one of the smallest and worthful updates we get from Facebook.

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Transparency on Data origin


Earlier, Facebook Data Breach Scandal affected millions of people. Since then Facebook has been quite rigid with its new updates, one such being the transparency of Facebook ads. Now marketers will need to select the data origin of the customer information every time they upload a new file of customers.

Transparency for the viewer


When the ad viewer clicks on ‘why am I seeing this ad’, detailed information of the publisher is shown. Also, It will be mentioned why the ad has been shown.

Viewer Power


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If the user shares bad experience from the product/service they purchased, Facebook will shut down the relevant ads, put a limit on the particular brand’s reach, or completely ban the account.

Rewarding for Reporting of Data Abuse


Facebook has introduced ‘Data Abuse Bounty Program’ to protect user’s data from malicious abuse of trust. The goal is to protect user’s data from third-party companies which collect their data through other means barred by Facebook’s Terms.

The ad will pass through several stages from identity to enforcement after a user reports a data abuse. Cases that prove to be true get a reward starting from a minimum of USD 500. Facebook has introduced this program to reward people for helping Facebook identify and stop anyone involved in this practice.


After the Facebook data Scandal, Facebook has pulled up socks to protect its user’s data in every way possible. This is quite beneficial from the point of view of the customers as well as the marketers. With the sheer amount of transparency Facebook is introducing, many more exciting updates will be coming our way. As marketers, let’s grab every single opportunity we get from the same.

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Latest Facebook Updates You Need to Know in 2018- June Edition
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